March 29, 2013

Looking around

Looking around

As a professional designer I am constantly looking for inspiration in everything around me. In the objects, people, buildings and spaces I experience, in the media that I am exposed to on the television, magazines, billboards and the web. I also make a point at looking at design work created by other designers that I admire.

When I begin a project like the Brighton Digital Festival rebrand I will have this in mind whilst undertaking my regular visual research. In this post I will share with you some of the things I am looking at that I will use to inspire and influence the design.

I have been looking at my surroundings for inspiration. I will loosely categorise these under Brighton because that is the area that I live and work.

I love this image as it is a Brighton landmark transformed into something wonderfully digital.

Laser Pier againCreative Commons License Laser Pier again by Barney Livingston

Brighton is blessed with some exquisite street art. Amazing colour and creativity adds to the experience of this city. Inspiration indeed for a grass roots festival.

Roid HACreative Commons License Roid HA by Delete

The shapes and colours of the iconic beach huts always catch my eye.

Hove Beach HutsCreative Commons License Hove Beach Huts by Benedict Adam

Another Brighton landmark has some interesting shapes; the circle itself and the spokes give a feeling of connectivity.

Kemp Town, Brighton, EnglandCreative Commons License Kemp Town, Brighton, England by Stéphane Goldstein

The wheel again, a beautiful closeup this time showing the connections in fine detail.

Kemp Town, Brighton, EnglandCreative Commons License Untitled by jmgardner

Connections again, with the sweeping curves if the roof of Brighton Station, and also the rail links a reminder of our connections beyond Brighton, and close connections with London.

Talkative trainsCreative Commons License Talkative trains by Éole Wind

I bit of a cliché but I still love the lines and shapes found in Brighton Rock.

Brighton RockCreative Commons License Brighton Rock by John Cooper

I spotted this the other day and loved the shapes and colours! Sorry for the bad camera-phone photo!


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4 thoughts on “Looking around

  1. Elaine Kidd says:

    Isnt Brighton a fun place to be!

  2. Jurgen Wolff says:

    I love these colours. Brighton is hard to beat on a sunny day.

  3. Lewis Wallis says:

    The bottom picture was for a computer game exhibition that my illustrator friends put on. They had a room full of games consoles for people to play and their screen printed art work (computer game themed) for sale. There were a lot more colourful shapes at the time but they were painted over. The top ones are all that remains.

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