June 16, 2014

Logos featured in design book

Logos featured in design book

I received my copy of the lovely new publication Monogram Logo from Counter-print in the post today featuring two monogram logos that I have designed!

The book is, in their words “Monogram logo is a collection of categorised monograms and ciphers from around the world and contains 452 logos from some of the world’s greatest design companies such as; Bruce Mau Design, Louise Fili, FITCH, BankerWessel, Stefan Kanchev and many more.”


And I am rather flattered to have my work included. In order of appearance there is the logo I designed for, and with the artist Alan Kidd. The similarity in name to mine is no coincidence; he is my father and creative mentor. The symbol is derived from a stamp that he has used to mark his work since the 1960s which I refined and made into his logo mark. You can see it in action on his website alankidd.com


The second inclusion is my logo mark for Shy Camera, a film production company based in Brighton. They produce high production value videos which tell an engaging story. One such video for South East Dance and the Brighton Festival recently went viral giving huge coverage to the installation it was promoting. The monogram reflects the companies’ personality and hints at the technical movement of a lens. This comes into it’s own when animated as can be seen at the end of one of their films. Have a look on their website shycamera.co.uk


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